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With years of experience as a Music Producer, Performer and Songwriter, I am able to help musicians create a final product that not even they were able to imagine. Capturing each individual sound and envisioning what it will sound like ahead of time is only part of what I am to do for the artists working with me.


This service allows musicians to create and capture their sound with an experienced Music Producer and the latest recording equipment. I use only the latest state of the art audio processing software to enhance and maximise your song's potential. When your track is played, it will match the level and dynamic range of any other commercial track. Having worked with several musicians with a variety of different styles, there is no musical production I am not able to take on. Get in touch to schedule a session today.


Not every idea a musician creates needs to be finished when taken to a producer. Whether you have lyrics and need help writing a melody or a melody with no lyrics, I can help you turn an idea into a potential hit. Together we can create a song that fits your genre and your fanbase. I have been a songwriter for over 5 years, and more recently have tried making my own arrangements of popular songs. Get in touch to get started on any ideas you might already have.


AXE-FX II Preamp/FX Processor       Shure              AKG C414            KRK Rokit 5         Mexican Fender       Gibson SG               Ibanez

      Focusrite Liquid Saffire 56           SM7B                   XL II                                              Telecaster Baja           Special                  GSR 500

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